16 January 2013

Male New Yorkers are flocking in growing numbers to cosmetic surgeries for a wide range of treatments, which go much further than their most common quest, for a cure for acne. That's according to cosmetic physician Dr Mitchell Chasin, medical director of a clinic in New Jersey, who says he has seen a remarkable change in the balance between male and female patients in the past five years. "{At that time] it was very uncommon," he says. "Now we're doing it all the time. "Men do the same things women do, but they approach it differently. Most men don't want downtime or are hesitant to have people know," Dr Chasin added. "They tend to take it more slowly than women, a little here and there." And despite the differences in the treatments available, both men's and women's main motivations are the same: Theyre doing these treatments to feel good, Dr Chasin says. American men are also becoming more strongly represented among patients of cosmetic dentistry specialists, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and they now make up nearly one-third of all patients. "Men, especially career men ages 35 to 65, are more image-conscious due to our modern society," said cosmetic dentist Dr Irwin Smigel. "Having a better smile may increase a mans confidence and help bolster his career and personal relationships.