06 May 2010

With more men embracing cosmetic surgery to boost their self-confidence and stay ahead in the competitive workplace, New York City professionals are setting a new trend of nose jobs for men.Cosmetic surgeons at New York's Profiles & Contours clinic have observed a rise in the number of men choosing rhinoplasty surgery, that they say corresponds to a nationwide trend in cosmetic surgery for men. Dr Mark A Erlich explained: "We've seen a consistent increase in the number of rhinoplasties performed for male patients. "I think men are beginning to recognise that looking their best enables them to feel more comfortable socially and professionally. For many men, looking their best means modifying the most prominent facial feature - their nose." There are a number of reasons men seek nose surgery, both as aesthetic cosmetic surgery to improve the balance of their facial features or as corrective plastic surgery to help them with breathing difficulties, or following an injury. However, there is still some way to go before cosmetic surgery becomes as accepted for men as it is among women. Cosmetic surgeon Dr Salvatore Farruggio observed: "Some men have difficulty understanding why others would want to have nose surgery. "I've found that many men considering rhinoplasty have been thinking about the procedure for many years, and are very self-conscious about their nose. And for others with breathing difficulties, surgery provides often overdue relief." Here in the UK, men's cosmetic surgery is also becoming increasingly popular, partly inspired by the cosmetic surgery choices of high-profile celebrities such as Simon Cowell.