05 November 2012

An American breast surgery specialist has used an article on an online medical website to dispel a number of myths surrounding the potential dangers of general surgical procedures. New York-based Dr Tracy M Pfeiffer said on that many misconceptions surrounded breast surgery, and its potential after-effects.The scare stories which she wrote to counter included that plastic surgery was the preserve of the wealthy; that some procedures were unsafe; and that results would be the same regardless of which plastic surgeon carried out a particular operation. Of the last of these, she said that in America, surgeons were licensed by different regulating bodies, yet the American Board of Plastic Surgery governed those carrying out operations on all parts of the body, and worked to ensure high and consistent standards in each. She also said that reputable plastic surgeons took great care to ensure that teenagers undergoing procedures had a greater motivation for doing so than simply "just wanting it". "Teenagers seeking breast reduction, correction of breast asymmetry and correction of nasal deformity, in my experience, have thought about these issues for some time, often years [and] have excellent reasons for seeking these treatments," Dr Pfeiffer wrote.