19 August 2014

Youve probably noticed that the condition of your skin changes with the seasons. That means that when it comes to your Skin Care routine, you should consider this as something which can be easily adapted, in line with the changing seasons.To help you do just that, a handful of women form New York have shared their autumn Skin Care tips: - Choose a moisturiser you can trustAccording to one New Yorker, I think the most important thing is to find a face moisturizer that you really like and to use it everyday. Moisturising regularly helps to stimulate the production of collagen, which in turn gives you a smooth, wrinkle-free complexion. - Dont touch your faceIt can be easy to forget just how much oil and bacteria is on your hands. When this transfers to your skin, it can lead to breakouts. You can avoid this by always washing your hands thoroughly and trying not to touch your face. - Care for your skin from the inside tooAnother New York lady says: Its so important to drink a lot of water and eat healthy. If you dont do that, then it doesnt matter what products you use. - Get into good habits earlyBy not smoking, ensuring that you remove your make-up every night, and limiting your intake of alcohol and sugary foods, youll help to keep those wrinkles at bay for longer. - Get rid of those under eye bags with teaI steep the bag for a minute, let it cool a bit and then lay them right on my eyelids for a little while. Do you have any tips for taking care of your skin as the seasons change? Let us know on Facebook.