15 April 2011

A woman weighing 13 stone has once again been turned away by the NHS for breast reduction surgery she needs because she is overweight. Julia Darnell, who is 39 and lives in Wellingborough, has already reduced her overall body weight by five stone to meet the target weight set for her by the NHS, only to be told that the target has been lowered. A consultant at Kettering General Hospital, S M Musa, is backing Darnells appeal, saying the surgery is needed in order to alleviate a number of related health problems, which include arthritis in her neck and a rare skin disease that causes chronic abscesses underneath her breasts. Darnell told the Evening Telegraph that she is annoyed at the changing criteria and wants to get the surgery done for medical not cosmetic reasons. My skin condition needs continual treatment because I get sores every two or three weeks. I was even admitted to hospital last year because of this, she said. It has taken me a year to lose five stones and it has been difficult and according to their calculations I might have to lose another two or three stones. What annoys me with the PCT is that it keeps changing its criteria. Every time I think that Im getting somewhere they just knock me back and I just feel so deflated, Darnell added. A spokesperson for the NHS Northamptonshire said they were unable to comment on individual cases due to patient confidentiality.