22 June 2009

New figures have revealed the number of people undergoing cosmetic surgery through the NHS in London. According to the Press Association, 471 patients in England's capital city have undergone liposuction in the last year, costing the National Health Service 5.7 million. The figures from the NHS Information centre also showed that more than 1,700 people had had nose jobs, tummy tucks and breast reductions on the service.However, these figures are only a small portion of the cosmetic surgery procedures carried out in the UK. Many individuals elect to undergo cosmetic treatments through private clinics and the statistics for these procedures show a far higher number. For example, May saw the release of the Cosmetic Surgery Market Report 2009 which estimated that the value of the industry for this year would reach 536 million. Operations carried out on the NHS are often for significantly different reasons than those cited by people choosing cosmetic surgery through private clinics. According to the Press Association, a spokesman for the Department of Health said: "The NHS does not carry out surgery for cosmetic reasons, so it is not possible to make a meaningful comparison between the costs incurred by private clinics providing cosmetic surgery, and the costs of NHS procedures." Additionally, market research from Mintel last month revealed that 148 million was spent on body reshaping procedures last year, an amount far in excess to costs incurred by the NHS for similar treatments. Mintel also found that almost half of all adults surveyed would consider cosmetic surgery tummy tucks and liposuction the most popular procedures.