NHS to cut free cosmetic surgery procedures?

14 April 2011

Reducing the number of cosmetic procedures performed on the NHS could help to save some Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) somewhere in the region of £12million every year. The Audit Commission has revealed that weeding out the removal of teeth and tonsils, as well as procedures such as rhinoplasty operations (nose jobs), fat removal surgery, and elective hysterectomies, all treatments that can in some circumstances be deemed to be cosmetic, could save the NHS around £500million per year in total. The Audit Commission’s managing director of health Andy McKeon said: “PCTs are currently paying for treatments that cost the taxpayer money and according to clinical experts have little or no real value to patients. This needs to change.” The report highlights the need for fundamental changes to be made to the way the NHS is run if we are to stop essentially pouring money down the drain.