12 January 2012

The NHS in Wales will remove and replace PIP breast implants for all women who have been clinically assessed as needing this surgery. Any patient looking to have their PIP implants on the NHS in Wales removed will need to provide evidence that they are a Welsh resident and registered with a GP in Wales. This announcement was made on Tuesday (10) following an announcement on Friday (6) that women who had PIP implants on the NHS originally would be eligible for removal and replacement if in critical need, and removal only for private patients. It is thought that the number of women in Wales who have been affected is relatively low. Health Minister Lesley Griffiths said: We announced last week that the NHS in Wales will remove PIP implants if, informed by an assessment of clinical need, a woman with her doctor decides that it is right to do so. We said then that we would replace implants which were put in by the NHS, and today we are going one step further by announcing we will also replace those which were put in privately. Removing the implants and not replacing them could result in unsightly scarring, loose skin, and potentially the accumulation of fluids, need for drainage, and risk of infection. Putting women through two separate operations also increases unnecessarily the risk of complication.