Nicole Scherzinger admits she battled with Acne

8 October 2014

She’s reportedly engaged to F1 star Lewis Hamilton, enjoyed huge success with one of the world’s most popular girl bands and even has her own clothing line – but even Nicole Scherzinger fell victim to having the dreaded zits when she was a teenager.

Nicknamed ‘pizza face’, it’s hard to believe that as one of the industry’s most beautiful women, Scherzinger had her own skin struggles.

“When I was 14 I started to get breakouts on my face – one or two monster spots at a time. I was even called pizza face,” she explained. “I’d try to dry out the blemishes with toothpaste and cover them up with concealer. The spots followed me into womanhood.”

However, Nicole wasn’t alone in her battle with Acne, revealing how her sister Keala also suffers from breakouts. But the former Pussycat Dolls singer has managed to keep both her skin – as well as her figure – under control by following a healthy eating and exercise regime.

“I’ll snack on carrots, celery and almonds, lunch might be a big green salad with tuna or chicken or a sandwich, while dinner will be pasta or chicken with veggies or sushi,” she said. “I love soft boiled eggs, so if I’m working out in the morning I’ll have those on brown toast with smoked salmon.”

Well would you believe it – even someone as stunning as Scherzinger can fall foul of Acne! Did you ever suffer from Acne? If so, what remedies did you find relieved your skin condition? Tell us on Twitter!



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