Nigella Lawson and Holly Willoughby voted best celeb breasts

25 February 2015

A recent survey named Holly Willoughby and Nigella Lawson the women with the best breasts. 1,000 women between the ages of 35 and 65 voted the two celebrity women ahead of the likes of Kelly Brook and Katy Perry.

The poll also found that two thirds of respondents thought the ideal cup size is C to D – the same size as one third of women said to be unsatisfied with the size of their breasts.

The main reason for the women’s dissatisfaction was attributed to the change in breasts brought on by age, with more than half of respondents (58 per cent) reportedly having noticed a difference in the shape of their breasts since the age of 35.

One third of respondents said they had considered Cosmetic Surgery to restore the fullness and youthful shape of their breasts and 27 per cent would consider Botox as a temporary solution.

Almost 80 per cent of the women said that being happy about the shape of their breasts gives them more confidence.

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