09 August 2010

Singing star Rihanna may have had a rhinoplasty to slim the appearance of her nose, according to experts. Gossip site Media Takeout reports that nine cosmetic surgeons were shown two different pictures of the 22-year-old star, who sang such hits as Rude Boy, and all agreed that she had most likely had a nose job at some point in her career. "The nostrils were made smaller and the bridge was built up a little," said Dr Michael Fiorillo. "She had work done on the tip too." While Rihanna has not confirmed whether she had a nose job, the singer has previously voiced her support for cosmetic treatments, saying she would consider breast surgery in particular "if [her] breasts started to drop." This could mean that treatments such as breast augmentation or a breast lift haven't been ruled out by the popular singer. However, such treatments may be a long way off, as Rihanna also stated that she did not plan to have any plastic surgery procedures "for the next 20-25 years" - though tongues have long been wagging that she may have already had a nose job and skin-lightening procedures. The Grammy Award winning singer held the joint honour of the most number one singles of the last decade, alongside fellow cosmetic surgery fans Mariah Carey and Beyonce. Rihanna is currently working on her fifth album, which is scheduled to be released later this year.