01 February 2007

Cosmetic enhancement just got even cleverer - New Woman investigated 2007's latest 'sans-scalpel' ways of looking good and found The Harley Medical Group's brand new treatment Aesthera PPx, to be number one for sun damaged skin.

New Woman'Nip Tuck 2007 Surgery-Lite Guide'

Sun-damage laser - New in PPx AestheraPerfect if... You want skin like an 18-year-old.Here comes the science A computer takes photos of your skin's real condition - we're talking wrinkles and UV spots in all their gruesome glory. Once you've picked yourself up off the floor. The revolutionary laser stretches the skin so it absorbs more light, then shoots at the source of the problem. Five mins later you can slap your make-up back on.Does it hurt? No. Though it does feel a bit like your face is being hoovered.How much? One session is 350 - a recommended course of five is 1,450.Lasts... The effects are permanent, providing you don't go straight back to the sunbed and 40 cigs a day...
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