04 June 2014

With approximately 80 per cent of people likely to suffer from an outbreak of Acne, its no surprise that this condition remains one of the most common skin complaints experienced by adolescents and adults alike. While theres no sure-fire way of preventing Acne, there are however plenty of treatments that can minimise the impact Acne has on both the skin as well as the persons wellbeing. Things are so much better today because there are so many more options for treating Acne, explained Sarah Taylor, M.D., a Dermatologist based at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. While OTC products are pretty much the same as they have been for years just different concentrations of benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid in various forms such as cleaners, gels and creams the prescription world has really changed in the past 10 years or so. Were much better equipped to deal with all different types of Acne. Acne is brought on as a result of clogged pores which each open to a hair follicle comprising a gland that creates oil known as sebum. Should the glands overproduce this oil, the pores then become blocked resulting in a build-up of dirt and bacteria which then leads to Acne. However, it remains unclear why this process happens. From hormonal changes to heredity, research has found that Acne isnt caused by unclean skin or by ingesting unhealthy foods. Despite non-prescription Acne treatments being similar in terms of medication, they have been found to be effective on mild cases of Acne. Several skin specialists and Dermatologists are equipped with a number of advanced techniques to help deal with the treatment of Acne from prescribing various topical medications that are often used alongside a single lotion as part of a combination remedy involving oral antibiotics to tackle the multiple effects of this skin disorder. There are also many ways to treat Acne scarring, with popular solutions including Skin Peels, Medical Microdermabrasion and Laser treatments. Consistency is the whole key to treating Acne, so anything that can promote that has to be a plus, commented Taylor. Whats your experience with Acne? Do you have any tried and tested methods of dealing with this condition? Share your wisdom with the rest of The Harley Medical Group community on Facebook today.