No make-up selfie trend raises over £2m for Cancer Research UK

24 March 2014

468242223A massive £2 million raised to boost cancer awareness in just a few days has shown the power of social media in helping drive fund-raising efforts – as well as launching a massive trend for no make-up selfies. The money raised for Cancer Research UK has been pledged since last Tuesday, beginning when women started posting make-up free self-portraits on Twitter and Facebook accompanied by a request to text a special donation line.But, noted the BBC, the campaign wasn't even the charity's idea. It believes it could have been sparked by the release of the Oscars selfie posted on Twitter by event host Ellen DeGeneres. The #nomakeupselfie has since gathered more than 800,000 likes on Facebook and 140,000 Twitter followers. And according to Dr Linda Gibson of Nottingham Trent University, the huge success of the unprompted campaign is maybe about “how women feel about themselves, and their private and public faces". - Do you support the no make-up selfies cause? Do you think it empowers women? Give us your thoughts via Facebook.