24 October 2008

American cosmetic surgeons have noticed a trend that suggests that, despite the global economic slowdown, non invasive procedures are booming.

A greater acceptance of less invasive cosmetic procedures, particularly Botox and dermal fillers, could be one of the reasons for this increased uptake. Doctors in America performed nearly 4 million of such procedures last year, making them more popular than ever before.

According to American news site wcbstv.com, Dr, Joseph A Eviater said: "Our cosmetic business has been growing steadily even with the economic news,"

"There's less resistance. People know more about it. It's in more magazines. It's in the press more."

Another factor that might account for the boom could be that the market is currently seeing an increased competition between products that leads to lower costs and increased options for surgeons and patients. Recent news suggested that the success of Botox has driven innovation in the facial rejuvenation market as more than 50 competing products and treatments options battle to grab market share.

Furthermore, non invasive procedures are typically a cheaper alternative to traditional cosmetic surgeries and Dr Eviater said: "You really don't want to have any downtime,"

"The way this stays affordable is if you can go right back to work. If you have to take two days off from work you've taken a relatively inexpensive procedure and made it a big deal."

Recent figures released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons have also revealed that a growing number of men are having Botox and other wrinkle-relaxing treatments.