14 August 2012

Choosing to undergo non-invasive laser surgery is becoming an increasingly popular way for people to maintain a youthful appearance. According to a report by ABC news, the procedure is cheaper than a full surgical facelift and the recovery time for patients is considerably shorter. Known as a laser lift, the treatment helps to raise sagging skin and combat drooping.Dr Rigo Mendoza, a plastic surgery specialist at the Bassin Centre for Plastic Surgery, said the laser helps to encourage new collagen growth, which in turn results in tighter skin. He said: "There's a laser fibre that we use and we introduce it through three tiny little incisions in the face, one behind each ear lobe and one by the chin. "It is a side-firing laser, and we can turn it to heat up the tissue deep and we can rotate it to heat up under the surface of the skin." One of the main attractions for patients is the fact that they can be back at work within days. A patient of Dr Mendoza's said: "I came in on a Friday, I had it done. It took about 45 minutes. I went home and I was back to work on Monday." See the original story here: