Non-surgical procedures six times as popular as surgical

04 May 2011

Botox has become one of the fastest growing non-surgical treatments in America, according to latest figures released by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS). Since 1997 non-surgical procedures such as injectable treatments for lines and wrinkles and laser hair removal treatments have increased by a massive 228 per cent. Botox accounts for 32 per cent of all non-surgical treatments, which represents a whopping 3,641 per cent increase in the last 13 years. During the same period, cosmetic surgery has also enjoyed huge growth, with the number of procedures increasing by 72 per cent. These figures reveal that clinics are carrying out almost six times the number of non-surgical procedures each year compared to surgical procedures. Botox and other injectable fillers are now being enjoyed by more and more men and women, celebrities and ordinary people, in a bid to slow the ageing process.