Non surgical solutions expected to double in US

12 November 2010

Recent research has suggested that the US is expecting to see a substantial increase in the number of people turning to non surgical treatments. According to analytics company Research and Markets, the US market for facial aesthetics and medical laser devices is expected to almost double in size by 2017. This would see the market value for both sectors climb to over $3 billion. The research estimated that Botox and other Botulinum toxin-A drugs would grow to around $543 million. It also suggested that laser hair removal, aesthetic laser skin resurfacing treatments and laser lipolysis were the fastest growing markets. The survey also found that many of the products used in non surgical cosmetic treatments had high levels of brand recognition. For example, Allegran - makers of Botox - were found to be one of the market leaders. A growth in the number of non surgical treatments in recent years is commonly thought to be linked to the worldwide recession, which has also had an impact on the number of cosmetic surgery procedures booked. Earlier this month, news from the UK market indicated that treatments in stretch marks and scar removal were on the rise, with the introduction of new laser treatments for stretch marks contributing to the increased uptake. The UKs aging population have also been cited as a major reason for an increase in the number of older people turning to a variety treatments, with cosmetic surgery for the over 50s booming considerably this year.