14 May 2010

People choosing to hold back the signs of ageing with a face lift or other form of facial surgery can help ensure lasting results from their procedures by complementing it with non surgical cosmetic treatments. Speaking to Earth Times, US cosmetic surgeon Dr Daryl Hoffman explained that patients undergoing cosmetic surgery for the face are increasingly seeking out non-surgical medispa treatments as well, to boost their effects."Procedures like face lifts and eyelid surgery already create results that last many years, but every patient wants to make sure those benefits last as long as possible," said Dr Hoffman. "I'm finding that medical spa treatments give me some of the best ways to do that. It's exciting that my patients are seeing benefits with the help of something as simple as an injectable treatment, for instance." The surgeon explained that the supplementary treatments chosen will depend on the individual patient, and tend to be either injectables, such as dermal fillers, or laser skin rejuvenation to remove dead and damaged cells and enhance the skin tightening carried out on the original procedure. "These treatments can improve the health and appearance of the skin to maintain what the face lift already accomplished," Dr Hoffman said. "There's a qualitative benefit because the results look more complete, but the big attraction is the chance to make sure that impressive results stay impressive for as long as possible."