17 February 2009

A new report has found that the cosmetic surgery market in the United States is set to hit $15.1 billion by 2012, according to Global Industry Analysts Inc.Non-surgical procedures and injectibles like Botox and dermal fillers are expected to become the most vibrant and promising area in cosmetic surgery growth, as they have a short post-procedure recovery period and are a less expensive option for many patients.A release from the researchers said: "As the US population ages, and people have access to discretionary income, they are indeed expected to splurge on having a treatment, surgical or non-surgical. "While it is always easier to get a shot of Botox to smooth wrinkles, or a dermal filler to plump up under eye hollows, demand for popular surgical treatments would continue with those for whom injections are not enough to get the desired look." While it is expected that non-surgical treatments will see the biggest boom during this period, breast augmentation is also expected to record a fast growth. The release from Global Industry Analysts follows another study which reported anecdotal evidence from cosmetic surgeons worldwide that smaller cosmetic procedures are increasing in popularity. At the time, Chicago cosmetic surgeon Dr. Carolyn Jacob told the Medill Report: "The trend has been more patients seeking procedures in the hundreds of dollars and a bit of downturn in procedures like liposuction, which can cost thousands of dollars."