18 March 2011

Plastic surgeons in the Indian city of Bhubaneswar have confirmed that nose reshaping surgery is the most sought-after procedure among patients, followed by liposuction and breast implants. There are no official figures for the number of surgical procedures performed, but plastic surgeons estimate that 30 to 40 nose jobs are carried out each month. They say that these are performed not only for cosmetic purposes but also to correct developmental disorders. Cosmetic surgeon Dr A K Rout said: The procedure lasts for about four to five hours and costs only Rs 20,000 (275). During the surgery, silicone implants are made or grafting is done with body parts. Patients have to take post-operative precautions for at least a week. Dr Rout puts the rise in the number of patients enquiring about surgery down to an increased awareness of the latest technology and facilities that are available to help people look good. Other popular procedures include eye lid surgery, brow lifts and cheek implants.