24 July 2013

stk212518rkeAfter once being just the fare of the rich and the famous, nose jobs are experiencing a surge in popularity, according to American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. There has been such an increase in people seeking rhinoplasties that the organisation has coined a new term to describe it – rhino-popularity. Around half a million Americans go for consultations about their nose every year.“Our primary goal is to shed new light on the facts of rhinoplasty for consumers, and help guide them through the process of considering a nasal procedure,” suggested president Robert Kellman “Rhinoplasty is a much more complex operation than many people realise. It is not just as simple as taking away a bump or making the nostrils smaller. “We have all seen cases of people who had their noses done that didn't turn out so well. AAFPRS members are specially trained to respect the natural anatomy of the nose.” Dr Kellman believes the increase in popularity is down to how much of an impact the nose can have on the rest of the face. He says changing the nose by just a few millimetres can make a significant difference in overall appearance. According to information from AAFPRS, rhinoplasty is not just popular among women. It is the most common cosmetic surgery requested by men.