08 June 2011

AA044151Nose jobs are on the rise among those from different ethnic backgrounds, according to the president-elect of The Rhinoplasty Society. Dr Rod Rohrich has noticed a shift in the reasons behind those from non-Caucasian ancestry enquiring about rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping surgery. It's becoming more accepted for people who have noses with pronounced ethnic characteristics to opt for surgical refinement that helps them blend into American society better, as well as correcting individual facial deviations that make them stand out uncomfortably, said Dr Rohrich. Every patient is different, but more patients than ever want to preserve ethnic characteristics while correcting individual facial features. Patients with non-Caucasian ancestry used to ask for Caucasian-type noses, which usually resulted in an over-operated and unnatural look," he added. He made his observations at a symposium on the subject of ethnic rhinoplasty at the annual meeting of The Rhinoplasty Society, at which he encouraged fellow cosmetic surgeons to prepare for this increase. He advised careful study of Caucasian and ethnic nose shapes, bone structure and skin type in order to offer patients the most appropriate procedure.