12 December 2013

Male nose close upHollywood hunk Ryan Gosling has been rumoured by one beauty blogger to have undergone a nose job. The claim, made by a Canadian beauty blog, was picked up in the UK by the Daily Mail but it said the author should expect a lot of hate mail for even making the suggestion about the 33-year-old actor, who found fame in 2004 film, The Notebook. In her original article, Michelle Villett said: "To me, his nose clearly looks quite different compared to the early days."It's straighter, the tip has been removed and the nostrils have been refined but we're talking tiny, tiny," she added. The Mail sought the opinion of a London-based Cosmetic Surgeon, who confirmed it was possible that Gosling had undergone procedures which had resulted in a number of subtle changes. Gosling joins a growing list of Hollywood A-listers whom the same blogger has suggested have had Rhinoplasties or other Cosmetic Surgical procedures, including Megan Fox and Emma Watson. In Gosling's case, it was claimed that the Rhinoplasty was carried out before he found stardom.