30 November 2011

For patients who are considering a tummy tuck procedure, now is the time to go ahead if the results are to be fully visible by the time summer arrives. Dr Sam Economou, a practising plastic surgeon, diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, says now is the perfect time to undergo tummy tuck surgery if patients cant bear the thought of spending another summer with a figure they are not confident with. Dr Economou says that tummy tuck patients are more often than not women whose abdominal wall has been stretched due to pregnancy, but he says he also treats a lot of men and women who have been left with excess skin after significant weight loss.Pregnancy and excessive weight can stretch the skin of the abdomen many times its normal state, said Dr Economou. That's where a tummy tuck can really help - in tightening and flattening that area of your body, he added. He says the results are astonishing, not just physically but emotionally too, with many of his patients citing low self-esteem as one of the reasons why they opt for the surgery. Many of my patients say they feel liberated after having a tummy tuck. They can wear a bikini again, or not wear a shirt or a top to cover up their loose stomach. They feel good about being outdoors running, swimming and golfing. It does a lot to boost a person's confidence in their bodies and for many of my patients, it's an incentive to maintain a healthy appearance for the rest of their lives, he said.