10 October 2013

Couple holding handsThe growing trend towards winter sun holidays means now is the time for anyone with their next break booked to get their skin in top order. Experts from cosmetic surgery provider The Harley Medical Group say that the best results of many light and laser-based treatments are achieved while the skin is free from pigmentation caused by tanning or sunburn. "People looking to be hair-free for a Christmas trip to Australia, Egypt, or any other hot country when it's cold in the UK, are advised to have their first session in September or October," said nurse Bernadette Harte.A pre-treatment check on melanin levels in the skin ensures that the right intensity of laser beams are used in every treatment, she added. "Because we use the most powerful, FDA-approved* lasers, our hair removal treatment is highly effective for most people," said nurse Harte. * - FDA US Food & Drug Administration