14 January 2009

An increasing number of Indian men are going under the knife in the search for the perfect firm chest. Cosmetic surgeons have admitted that they are seeing a surge in the number of men seeking breast reduction and permanent hair removal in the hopes of flaunting their chests like Bollywood stars.Anup Dhir, a senior cosmetic surgery consultant at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, said: "Ten years ago, about 10 per cent of my clients used to be men. Now it is 40 per cent. Most young men want to flaunt a firm, unshaven chest." With the recent release of popular Bollywood films that often showcase men and models who strut around shirtless, many Indian men in their 20s are ready to undergo surgery in order to show off their chest in the same way. Dhir noted that apart from breast reductions, many men were requesting laser hair removal from their chests. "Appearance has taken precedence among both men and women. Earlier it was considered a women's department, now more men are going under the knife than ever before," he told the Times of India. Another cosmetic surgeon, Charu Sharma, said the number of men seeking cosmetic surgery at her clinic has reached 50 per cent of her total clientele and that numbers continue to rise. She told the Times of India: "Men are becoming very conscious about body flab, particularly younger ones. They want to have a body shape that they want to show off, especially a perfect chest. Trends are changing. More men come to us for male breast reduction and nose surgery". A recent survey from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons echoed these results, finding cosmetic surgery increasingly popular among men.