20 May 2013

Men all over the UK are seeking professional help to rid themselves of hairy hobbit feet according to a London dermatologist.Close up of woman's legsDr Michael Prager said the number of men visiting his clinic to have laser hair removal on their feet had doubled since 2012. Despite the process regularly costing upwards for 700 for six sessions, he is booking around two people a day for the procedure.For men, feet is a big area, because they all go out in flip flops at the moment, that is the big craze, he said. The fashion has changed: men show more leg and they want their feet to look good. He also predicted that in the future this trend may extend to men getting rid of their leg hair altogether. Foot care expert Margaret Dabbs said it was no longer just metrosexual men asking to have their foot hair removed. Her clientele has expanded to include, lawyers, company owners, MPs, even royalty. Perhaps as a result, the basic flip-flop has received a high-fashion makeover. On the designer clothes website Mr Porter, you can now buy a pair of crocodile hide Bottega Veneta flip-flops for 300. Hobbit star Martin Freeman has said hairy feet were a constant woe for actors on the sets of Peter Jacksons films: It's quite unpleasant, actually, he said If its a hot day, it gets sweaty. However, Elijah Wood, who played Frodo, enjoyed the experience. He even kept a pair to try out from time to time after filming ended.