05 July 2013

78154618An increasing number of Nairobi women are going under the knife in what is being called a middle class rat race to look young, savvy and sexy. The number of patients seeking cosmetic surgery at Karen Hospital last year was triple that of 2009. Now more city hospitals are offering cosmetic plastic surgery to cash in on the demand.More women are turning to these procedures because it gives them a youthful appearance and elegance, said Dr Stanley Khainga, a cosmetic plastic surgeon at Aga Khan Hospital. There is a lot of liposuction among the teenagers because they eat a lot of fat and accumulate a lot of cholesterol. He added: It is important to ensure that whoever is coming for the cosmetic surgery is doing it for his or her own benefit and not for their spouse or boyfriend. You may divorce or separate and the next partner is not willing to have that. The doctor believes it is human nature to want to look good and the increase in popularity is driven by the fact that more women in Kenya are economically empowered. In the past, if a Kenyan wanted cosmetic surgery, they would have had to travel abroad for the procedure. The convenience with these procedures is that most patients can now walk into the hospital in the morning and leave in the afternoon. Nobody will know they have gone through the plastic surgery, said a source at a city hospital, adding that recovery from some procedures may take as few as two or three days.