Obese woman documents her amazing transformation and Cosmetic Surgery

Obese woman documents her amazing transformation and Cosmetic Surgery

17 September 2015

Simone Anderson Pretscherer’s transformation is incredible! The 24 year old from New Zealand lost half her body weight in just 11 months, taking her from 169kgs to 83kgs. The make-up artist also made the brave decision to document her journey on Facebook, including her Cosmetic Surgery procedures to remove the massive amount of excess skin she was left with following her weight loss.

Talking about her decision to turn her life around Simone wrote, “On August 29 I made the decision to change my lifestyle and my habits once and for all…I was always using the excuse, ‘I’m too busy to work out and eat healthy’ when in reality I was just lazy and unprepared.”

Simone cut processed food out of her diet, shrunk her portion sizes and exercised regularly to achieve her target weight – though she did allow herself to drink alcohol and snack on chocolate occasionally.

The change took Simone’s BMI from 51.6 to 25.6, dramatically improving Simone’s health, but leaving her with an unsightly amount of loose skin. The surgery she had to remove this included a Breast Lift and Augmentation, a Tummy Tuck and a Back Lift. Her Cosmetic Surgeon explains, “The Cosmetic Surgery is just taking care of some things that she won’t be able to take care of on her own… no amount of diet or exercise is going to get rid of loose skin. It’s going to be a challenging surgery, but I think it’s going to turn out great.”

Following the operation Simone posted a picture on social media where she could finally fully appreciate her new body, saying she was delighted with the results. “Look at my stomach, curves and overall banging bod” the image was captioned.

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Image credit: simone_anderson/ Instagram