27 August 2008

Instead of booking tables in busy restaurants at lunchtime, office workers are opting to book a treatment of Botox - a quick, effective non surgical solution that smooths out the appearance of wrinkles, reduces the signs of aging and affords minimal recovery time.

Lunchtime slots at surgery clinics have seen a boost in bookings as office workers reserve spots even months in advance to ensure they can receive treatments during their lunch hour.

Famous for being a time-efficient procedure with instant results, Botox treatments can last as little as an hour's lunch break and causes no ill effects so workers can return straight to the office afterwards.

Botox is not the only procedure that is popular with lunchtime appointments. Dermal fillers are also on the list, as well as thread vein removal - cosmetic surgery treatment that is particularly popular with women.

According to the Daily Mail, demand for thread vein removal has increased by as much as 60 per cent since this time last year for some clinics. A thread vein removal specialist, Brian Newman, said: "You can come in in your lunch hour and have it done. You can do what you like afterwards."

Mr Newman also explained that the treatment gave confidence to men who were often perceived to be heavy drinkers based on thread veins visible in their faces. "Men who have got large nose veins are often wrongly dismissed as drinkers," he told the newspaper.

"Often, these people are completely teetotal. They are tearful at the end of the procedure because for years they have been regarded as a drunk."

The absence of recovery time has certainly provided a boost in bookings for both female and male cosmetic surgeries - and it looks as if numbers will only continue to increase.