17 August 2010

When considering cosmetic surgery, people would be best-served by keeping the procedures close to home, according to officials. Citizens of particular countries, including the United Kingdom, looking to get plastic surgery can be assured they will be carried out to acceptable standards in their own countries, it has been said.Procedures in the United Kingdom are carefully observed by regulatory authorities, and facilities must maintain a certain sanitary standard and use best practises for the procedures. However, people have been lured into getting procedures such as facelifts or liposuction while on holiday in foreign locations in order to save money on the surgery, though they may not understand the medical standards of the country they receive treatment. "I would advise individuals to look at their options carefully and to understand that there are consequences to decisions," said Dr Mark Joffe, Alberta Health Services' senior medical director. He reminded those considering cosmetic surgery: "There are potential complications to any procedures, anywhere they are done." Speaking at a news conference, the doctor was responding to infections that happened to Canadians when getting procedures performed abroad, but cases have been reported in several Western countries, including Great Britain. While foreign procedures may tempt individuals as combining cosmetic surgery with a holiday getaway, people should also consider they will not be able to fully enjoy their time away, as they will be recovering from the procedure and may not receive after care from foreign surgeries. "Again, I would emphasise that travelling anywhere for medical procedures, cosmetic procedures, necessary medical procedures or anything comes with a potential risk," Joffe said.