19 May 2011

More people in their 50s are opting for plastic surgery in a bid to boost their careers as well as their looks, says one surgeon. Denise Basham-Knowles, a realtor and auctioneer living in Lynchburg, USA, decided to have a face lift to help her look and feel younger, and more confident when talking to clients. I wasn't smiling as much, because I was starting to feel like as I got older people were looking at me, Basham-Knowles told news site Personally, I'm a lot happier, she said. I wake up and smile in the mornings. It seems she is not alone. Dr Simon Hatin, a cosmetic surgeon and member of Plastic Surgery Associates of Lynchburg, said: We get people older and older who see that these things are available. [Treatments] can range from smoothening out of wrinkles to softening of folds [and] lifting of certain areas. While Bashan-Knowles admits that having cosmetic surgery is not going to make your business boom overnight, she is adamant that if you feel good about the way you look that, youre going to do a better job.