16 February 2012

Fat transfer, injectable fillers for lines and wrinkles and hand rejuvenation will all trend this year, as will older people getting surgery and treatments. This is the view of board-certified plastic surgeon Dominic Brandy, who has already seen a huge rise in the number of older people visiting his clinic for treatment and the number of people asking for non-surgical solutions for lines and wrinkles. “Women are particularly self-conscious about the appearance of their hands,” says Dr Brandy.“Our hands naturally thin out over time due to collagen, muscle and fat loss, but the latest injectable fillers are very effective at filling in the void of fat and muscle loss as well as thickening and tightening the skin and stimulating collagen. Laser skin resurfacing helps in fading textural irregularities on the hands for a smoother, more youthful appearance. “While this procedure is only emerging in terms of its visibility in the market, I have no doubt that hand rejuvenation will continue to grow in popularity, particularly with the advancing age of the Boomer generation. Many times we can rejuvenate a face to look many years younger, while the hands still maintain a very aged look,” he added. Dr Brandy went on to talk about the popularity of non-surgical face lifts and the up and coming nature of fat transfer techniques that he believes will be increasingly used in cosmetic surgery procedures.