04 June 2014

The majority of us apply skincare products on a daily basis, in the hopes of improving the appearance of our skin but have you ever noticed times when your skin still feels dry and patchy, no matter how much moisturiser youve used?The solution for great-looking skin lies in the order of application; get this right and your skin will love you forever. Rule number one is to pay attention to the weight of the various skin products youre using by starting with the lightest product, youll give anything subsequent the chance to penetrate your skin and work its magic. Secondly, use a cleanser. Every skincare routine should begin with the use of cleanser to remove any dirt and unclog pores. That way, youll start with a clean base. Moisturisers and serums tend to be the lightest of all skincare products so these should be applied next. Before applying any more products, you should focus on your eyes apply an eye cream now to give it chance to start working. Regular touch-ups throughout the day can give your skin a refreshing boost, as long as you take into account any make-up. If youre using Acne skincare products however, these should always be applied to a clean base otherwise, any moisturiser or serum will act as a barrier, rendering your Acne product useless. Do you always apply your skincare products in the same order each day? Send us a tweet with what works best for you.