27 August 2013

Hollywood sign 2Six months before she is due to host the next Oscars ceremony, former sitcom star Ellen De Generes is reported to be considering undergoing cosmetic surgery. This is despite many of her fans and commentators in the States believing that she still looks fabulous for her age. "At 55 years old she still looks pretty amazing," wrote Cate Meighan for Celebritydirtylaundry.com.But American gossip mag the National Enquirer is said to be set to publish an article this week claiming that DeGeneres whose self-penned sitcom Ellen propelled her to fame in the late-1990s, after which she became a successful chat show host is contemplating having cosmetic surgery which may include a full facelift. "Even a star like Ellen is feeling the pressure of Hollywood's need [for] perfection," Meighan wrote. She also wrote that the Enquirer article will speculate that DeGeneres is "seriously thinking about having $50,000 in plastic surgery done to erase the inevitable lines that are beginning to tell her life story around the star's eyes." And Meighan observed that, if DeGeneres did opt for a face and brow lift, "the recovery time would be about three weeks so if she wants work done before the Oscars it's likely to be done this fall [autumn]."