02 March 2011

This years annual Academy Awards the Oscars placed celebrities who have had cosmetic surgery and those who have not side by side, revealing a divide in opinion that was clear for all to see. Stars who graced the red carpet included pregnant actress Natalie Portman, who had a nose job early on in her career, Sandra Bullock, who has had a series of Botox injections over the years, and Cameron Diaz, who also had rhinoplasty in 2007 to repair damage sustained to her nose in an accident. Actresses photographed who have famously abstained from undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures included haute couture designer Diane Von Furstenberg, 64, singer and actress Jennifer Hudson, 29, and actress Juliette Lewis. The majority of women who had not had plastic surgery said they were not against it, just as long as people chose to have it for the right reasons.