05 March 2010

As the world's premier showbiz event prepares to dazzle film fans this weekend, the leading Oscar nominees have been the source of discussion concerning their cosmetic surgery. The Orange County Register reports that Helen Mirren and Maggie Gyllenhaal have attracted the greatest speculation from celebrity watchers regarding their possible plastic surgery procedures.64-year-old Helen Mirren recently stated her support of women choosing cosmetic surgery to hold back the years, despite being renowned for her natural ageing. Explaining the secrets behind her complexion, Helen said: "I donít smoke and I donít drink too much, exercise occasionally but not ferociously, and Iíve never had any work done." The actress did say she "would definitely consider cosmetic surgery" is she worked "in a different profession." However, according to some surgeons - such as Dr John Di Siai - the star may have "already had quite a bit" of surgery to keep her looking great. Maggie Gyllenhaal, 32, has not publicly spoken about cosmetic surgery, but some believe she may have had procedures as diverse as skin-tightening treatments, Botox, a nose job and maybe even eye lifts on separate occasions. Despite these rumours, only two Oscar nominees are strongly believed to have used injections to modify their appearance - namely Sandra Bullock, who is a contender for leading actress and who may have had Botox, and Penelope Cruz, who may also have had a nose job in her past.