04 May 2010

Poll of 2,000 adults PUT BROWN bottom of the pile for styleNever before have politicians been under such scrutiny for their outward appearance as this year, with the series of public debates. Now, a new poll out today reveals over a quarter (26%) of people confess that a politicians appearance influences the way they vote, whilst a further 29% say it may sway their vote. The Harley Medical Groups survey of 2,000 adults also shows that the party leaders clearly arent getting enough sleep with repondents unanimously agreeing that all three would benefit from a blepharoplasty to remove their eyebags. However, almost three times more respondents (61%) suggest Gordon Brown opt for the scalpel on his eye bags, with just 27% and 28% urging David Cameron and Nick Clegg respectively, to do the same.And while David Cameron and Nick Clegg are closely vying for the crown of style king, Gordon Browns chances of another term in power are likely to be hindered by his lack of style in the public eye, with just 12% admitting to liking his dress sense. Comments Liz Dale, a Director at the Harley Medical Group, the UKs largest cosmetic surgery group, With so little between the candidates, everything counts at this stage and the visual impression they convey is key. We all know experience carries a certain weight but todays results show people like a youthful face, with 43% of respondents saying this is important to them. Famously when Nixon and Kennedy went head to head in their presidential debate, Kennedys tanned, boyish looks helped him win the day and ultimately the election, despite Nixon taking the debate. If looks and wives could decide the election alone then Cameron could be forgiven for feeling confident, not only does he come top in the style stakes but 43% of respondents say that if they had to vote for one of the candiates wives instead of them, theyd elect Samantha Cameron the youngest and most natural of the three wives at 39 years old. Top findings of The Harley Medical Groups alternative political pollWould how a politican looks affect whether or not you would vote for him/her?Yes 26% No 45% Maybe 29%Which party leader's dress sense/style do you most admire?David Cameron 49% Nick Clegg 39% Gordon Brown 12%What procedure would you advise Gordon Brown to have, if any?Eye bag removal (blepharoplasty) 61% Facelift / necklift 20%What procedure would you advise David Cameron to have, if any?Eye bag removal (blepharoplasty) 27%What procedure would you advise Nick Clegg to have, if any?Eye bag removal (blepharoplasty) 28% Microdermabrasion 26%If you had to vote for one of the party leaders wives instead of them, who would your vote go to?Samantha Cameron 43% Sarah Brown 33% Miriam Clegg 24%