26 August 2010

Here at The Harley Medical Group, I quite often see people who have some pretty bad confidence problems. One of my favourite parts of the job has to be seeing the way that some people come to us feeling really bad about themselves, then leave feeling a whole lot better after their surgery or non surgical treatments. However, it's not often I see anyone so in need of a confidence boost as Gail Edwards. I read about Gail in The Scottish Sun today. She's a beautiful woman who married her ex-husband when she was only 22, only for him to try and kill her 20 years later. After suffering physical and mental abuse at his hands for so long, Gail understandably found it very hard to get over the experience - even when her ex-husband was jailed. The brave mother of two found herself still struggling to readjust three years after the final attack, and finally decided she'd use the money left to her by her mother to have cosmetic surgery. Gail chose to have a tummy tuck and liposuction and now feels that she's found a way to take control of her life and her future again - by boosting her self confidence. She explained: "It might sound odd, but cosmetic surgery helped me get my life back together. It helped lay the demons to rest." Good luck to her is all I can say, that and congratulations for getting her life back on track despite being in such a destructive relationship for so long.