25 August 2009

A number of Australian cosmetic surgeons have commented on the changing trends in the industry, revealing the opinion that non surgical solutions such as Botox are seen as part of the beauty regime of many young women.According to the News.com.au, the head of the Cosmetic Physician Society, Dr Gabrielle Caswell, claimed that Botox has become as acceptable as hair dye for women in their twenties. She added that while older women were turning to Botox as a way to smooth out the appearance of lines and wrinkles, their younger counterparts were instead looking for ways to change their appearance on a short-term basis. Dr Caswell said: "A lot of the girls are using it as a fashion trend." "They do like the plump lips ... and it's very trendy to have flanged outer eyebrows." Her findings were supported by those of another Australian surgeon, Michael Zacharia, who claimed that reshaped eyebrows were a particularly popular choice of women in their twenties. He explained: "I see quite a number of younger patients coming through" "More often, I see the younger ones coming in and ask for their eyebrows to be lifted." These trends support many in the UK, which find that a large number of younger women are interested in the appearance changing properties of Botox and other non surgical procedures. Many women are also reported to start using Botox at a younger age as a preventative measure, to work towards halting the progress of wrinkles before they become established.