06 November 2012

Pale skin is becoming the latest trend among Australian women, as they eschew all the effort involved in 'baking or faking'. An article in the latest issue of the country's Vogue magazine trumpets the virtues of oyster skin hues, and asks "Is oyster the new olive?". Author Sigourney Cantelo writes: "Pale is a smarter alternative to baking or faking that says 'I care about my skin'." She points to Australian model Julia Nobis, who features on the cover of the December issue of the magazine and is the face of a campaign for a new range of sunscreen, which is being launched next month. "She has perfect alabaster skin, with not a pore in sight," says make-up artist Victoria Baron, who worked on the campaign. Nobis herself says that she has suffered from "some nasty sunburn" in the past, "and would prefer to be pale than in pain". To cover up against the sun, she's also a fan of big, baggy clothes as well as pinching her little brother's baby sunscreen, with its high sun protection factor.