11 May 2011

Quirky singer Paloma Faith has told online magazine that she had laser hair removal to get bikini-ready for the summer. Talking to the magazine, Faith said: “I’ve had laser hair-removal treatment - it's amazing. It's so good. It's permanent hair removal which is great.” The 25-year-old songwriter also talked about how she stays in shape, and while she says she has got far from the perfect figure, she admitted that she is not prepared to do what it takes to get it! She talked about running just to keep from getting out of breath on stage. “I go running, but that's only because I get out of breath at gigs in-between songs if I don't. As my career has grown, the stages have got bigger, and I'm noticing how unfit I am!” she said. As the new face of the latest Tia Maria campaign, Faith is expanding her already eclectic career and she knows that image is a big part of her success. When asked whether she ever dresses down, she talked about using her image to keep a bit of privacy and admitted to therefore only dressing down in private.