22 April 2013

Rear view of man in trunksFollowing our report on Friday about American skin experts' advice to help people deal with small, red bumps on their skin, another newspaper has published similar advice for those suffering from cysts. A pilonidal cyst in particular is a sensitive condition to treat, as it not only consists of ingrown hair, which, in itself can be quite easy to treat, but it brings with it the added complication that it usually occurs in or around the buttocks. Its symptoms include a nest of hair growth, and the condition was first recognised in the 1830s. The condition can result in infection, caused by the discharge from the cyst, and so may cause a great deal of distress and pain. However, the mother of a teenage American boy who suffered from the condition has written to the St Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper to say that his condition has been greatly eased with the help of laser hair removal and a specific cosmetic treatment. The condition, according to Dr Keith Roach, a physician at the Well Cornell Medical College and New York Presbytarian Hospital, said that both medication and a 'cleft lift' cosmetic procedure can, in combination, help to both heal the condition and greatly reduce the chances of recurrence.