09 December 2013

Woman with nose in magnifying glassNearly one-third of the Americans who undergo Cosmetic Surgery in a typical year do so to change the shape of their nose. This means that Cosmetic Surgeons who can, through various Rhinoplasty procedures, help their patients achieve the most effective results for their particular needs, are the most sought-after. Among them is New York-based Dr Phillip J Miller, who points out the importance of extensive initial consultations, which include an overall evaluation of the patient's facial features, taking into consideration the patient's skin type and thickness."We understand that making a decision to undergo Nose Surgery can be life-changing", says Dr Miller. This is why anyone considering undergoing such a procedure should seek out a Cosmetic Surgeon who has extensive experience of carrying out such procedures, he adds. And, he says, because so many people want to see exactly what can be achieved by such surgery, it is always a good idea to ask your Cosmetic Surgeon to show you before-and-after pictures to get the best idea of the kind of results which can be achieved