16 August 2010

People thinking about enhancing their appearance with cosmetic surgery should always spend time researching their surgeon and clinic before making their decision, to make sure they choose someone reputable, according to leading members of the field. Cosmetic surgeon Rajiv Grover, secretary to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, told Private Healthcare UK that people should not allow themselves to be tempted by cheaper deals for plastic surgery overseas, as these clinics may not be accredited or regulated. Mr Grover added that many overseas clinics may trivialise procedures. "Companies that advertise [flying abroad for surgery] are seducing people into thinking it's something glamorous to sit on the beach and have a holiday while you are there, but it's a surgical operation," he explained. The surgeon added that there are reputable clinics abroad as well as in the UK, but said it was imperative to "research the surgeon" before making a commitment - and there may be other issues when choosing surgeons overseas. "You don't see the surgeon until after you arrive and then it's too late, so there isn't a cooling off period," Mr Grover explained. One of the core features patients should look for in a cosmetic surgery clinic is one that offers in-depth consultations prior to surgery, to make sure patients are choosing the procedure that's right for them. They should also check that comprehensive after care is included in the price, to help them acclimatise after surgery and deal with any complications that may arise.