22 May 2012

New technology is allowing cosmetic surgery patients the chance to try before they buy when it comes to having breast augmentation and nose reshaping surgery. Patients can also see the potential results of other popular cosmetic surgery procedures and non-surgical treatments, including liposuction, breast reduction, Botox and dermal fillers, before making a decision.Following a patient consultation using 3D technology, plastic surgeon Dr James Knoetgen said: One thing we're always trying to do is find better ways to educate our patients and help give them a realistic idea of what to expect and what they can't expect from plastic surgery. The patient herself, Sammie Story, who is considering breast augmentation surgery, said: My philosophy is do what you need to do to be beautiful and feel good about yourself. And of the 3D technology, Sammie, 21, said: I can visualise what it'll look like, with each picture. Various images are taken of the patient before a 3D image is generated, the benefits being that, according to Dr Knoetgen, it really shows them exactly what they're going to look like as opposed to what an implant would look like in their clothing or a bra. See original story here: