11 May 2012

Women looking for permanent hair removal should think twice about going to an unregulated beautician or clinic for the treatment. According to Professor Harry Mosely, president of the British Medical Laser Association, patients are putting themselves at risk of serious burns, and even blindness and scarring, by choosing clinics or salons with little experience and which are not regulated.In an article published by Marie Claire online, 10,000 clinics are said to be in operation across the UK, with only a handful regulated in accordance with current guidelines. Laser machines can cost as little as 1,600, meaning beauty salons can set themselves up at very little expense and offer treatments without having had any safety training. If used inappropriately the laser can inflict significant damage, says Professor Harry Mosely, president of the British Medical Laser Association. De-regulation of permanent laser hair removal treatments was approved by the Department of Health in 2008 after their studies found that the treatments carried minimal risk. But The Harley Medical Group campaigned against such de-regulation and Professor Mosely agrees, saying that a single flash of the laser can cause blindness if it comes in contact with the retina. He said: What concerns me more is the impact on the client, scarred for life. This is not a cost that anybody should have to bear. Those seeking laser hair removal treatments should do thorough research and avoid choosing clinics based on price alone. See original story here: