21 June 2013

As technology and the internet mean people can find pictures of themselves in so many more places than ever, many are becoming increasingly conscious of how they look. That's according to Springfield, Missouri-based cosmetic surgeon, Dr Bharat Shah. He says that the crystal-clear quality with which images can be reproduced on the internet is leading people to pay greater attention to their appearance in general. "People really want to look their best because their face is out there now," Dr Shah told regional news website "It's not just in the family album anymore, it's broadcast across the internet." This increasing presence of images of many people across ever wider channels, coupled with the wider availability of a range of cosmetic surgery treatments, are meaning that people are considering more options than ever for enhancing their looks, the article noted. It also said that chin implants had seen the greatest surge in popularity, because this is a non-invasive treatment which can produce a high standard of results in the shortest time.