29 January 2010

A consumer survey has revealed that people are now more open than ever about cosmetic surgery, with treatments no longer being considered taboo.PR Newswire reports that the prominence of plastic surgery on television, in magazines and on the internet is making people more comfortable about discussing their own procedures. In a new survey released by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS), 71 per cent of respondents stated their belief that society is less judgemental about cosmetic surgery than it was just five years ago, and 62 per cent revealed that this increased openness has made them feel more comfortable about choosing their own procedures to help achieve their desired appearance. AACS President-Elect, Dr. Mark Berman, said: "This is a confirmation of what many of us have felt for a long time - that cosmetic surgery has become mainstream. "A variety of factors have contributed to the normalization of our industry, but the bottom line is that people are not afraid to talk openly about cosmetic surgery anymore." The survey found that the most accepted surgical treatments were breast augmentation at 42.4 per cent, face lifts at 32.2 per cent and tummy tucks at 32.1 per cent.Non surgical solutions found even greater acceptance among respondents, with 61.9 per cent supporting laser hair removal and 61.6 per cent agreeing with Botox. 52 per cent of respondents said they would tell family members about their surgery, indicating that cosmetic surgery is no longer a secret business.